A Gift Consists Not In What Is Done Or What The Gift Is, But The Intention

Stoic Wisdom & Philosophy Of Seneca / Monday, May 28th, 2018

This is so simple in its statement, which is in essence, reminds me to be mindful and intentional about living and as many decisions as I can.

In the receiving and gifting of gifts, gifts to time/efforts, usually what is more important is the intention of the giver than the actual gift/effort itself. Do not be distracted by the

  • type of gift
  • size of the gift
  • when you receive the gift

But be more concerned about: what is the giver’s intention? Is this gift a love gift? Or a bribe/blackmail type of gift? An apology? Seek to understand the intentionality of the giver, nevermind how valuable or expensive the gift itself is…

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