Quality Over Quantity

Stoic Wisdom & Philosophy Of Seneca / Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Quality Over Quantity

A simple simple quote that speak volumes.

The amount doesn’t matter as much as quality.

  • 100 cheap shoes wont matter as much as 1 really good pair of shoes
  • 10 kilos of cheap steak wont compare to a really good quality steak
  • 100 mediocre men/team wont matter as much as 1 really good quality person
  • 100 mediocre post kicks wont matter as much as a single kick from a very well trained soccer player
  • 100 years of mediocre living wont matter as much as 1 or 10 years of a very well lived and meaningful life
  • 100K of salary in a mediocre company/business wont matter as much as 10-20K in a ultra good company/business (or if it’d take 10 years to get there).

The examples go on and on and on.

But it’s a simple and yet profound wisdom: quality over quantity.

No amount of quantity will ever overcome quality.

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